Looking for buddies at your construction site?


We fix that for you. We understand that you don't always have the time to search for candidates. Especially since, in the construction industry, an average of forty percent of vacancies remain open longer than two months. This makes it even more difficult for employers to find workers.


With our flexibility and full commitment, we will find suitable candidates for your company. It is important for us that there is a match between employee and employer. Therefore, we will always use our network to find your perfect mate. Personal contact is very important to us. That is why we like to talk to you in advance, so that we are aware of your needs and wishes.


At BouwMaten it's all about people, not numbers. This means that we are always there for you, not just from 9 to 5. We always do just that little bit more than is asked of us, it's in our genes.


That is why you can also come to us for good quality workwear. These are comfortable and functional clothes, shoes and protective equipment. Perfect for construction and industry, so you can work safely and in any (weather) conditions.


In addition, we have an academy where you can have your (flex) workers professionally trained. We offer training courses for the VCA or BHV diploma, reach truck, aerial work platform or we can give you a tailor-made training course. Whatever you want! The training courses are given in Almere, Hoogvliet, Rotterdam, Terneuzen, Tilburg, Best or you can opt for an in-company training or training at your company location.

Help for ukrainian refugees

Dear Entrepreneur, Employer

The main and biggest help from your side for Ukrainian refugees are official job offers. A lot of jobs are needed so that Ukrainians can not only support their families but also sustain the economy of Ukraine which was heavily shaken by the war. If you really want to help Ukrainians! - give them a job and a chance to earn their own money!

To offer a job or submit an application, click on the button below.

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